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Thennadu Jaggery Powder & Thennadu Instant Pepper Rasam

Thennadu Jaggery Powder & Thennadu Instant Pepper Rasam

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Instant Pepper Rasam Powder:

Crafted with care and packed with tradition, our Instant Pepper Rasam Powder brings the authentic taste of South India to your kitchen in an instant. Made from a blend of handpicked spices, sun-dried peppers, and secret family recipes, this versatile powder will transform your ordinary meals into extraordinary culinary delights. Just add hot water, and you're ready to savor the goodness of homemade rasam, bursting with the fiery kick of black pepper.

Jaggery Powder: 

Our Jaggery Powder is pure, unadulterated sweetness at its finest. Sourced from the finest sugarcane and prepared with meticulous attention, it retains all the natural minerals and nutrients that regular sugar lacks. This golden-brown delight adds depth and richness to your dishes, beverages, and desserts. It's the wholesome alternative you've been looking for to sweeten your life.

Why Choose Our Combo Offer? 

Convenience: Get the best of both worlds in a single package, ensuring you have all the flavors you need at your fingertips. 

Authenticity: Our products capture the essence of traditional South Indian cuisine, providing an authentic taste in every meal. 

Health Benefits: Both pepper and jaggery offer numerous health benefits, making this combo a great addition to your balanced diet.


Spice up your meals and sweeten your life in one delightful bundle. Order now.

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Customer Reviews

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Excellent delivery and packaging

Good products.Fast delivery and top-notch packaging.

Super Combo, Affordable Delight

Super combo, affordable price. Rasam & Jaggery arrived securely packaged, preserving their quality.

Warmth and Sweetness

The perfect way to add warmth and sweetness to my day.

Organic Sweet and Spice Combo

Organic sweet and spice taste.The combo arrived just in time, and the packaging was good.

Perfect duo packaging

Perfect duo combo for prefect price .The packaging was excellent, ensuring my order arrived in perfect condition.